We believe that versatility is at the heart of modern fashion but must not sacrifice style for utility. Modern designs lead to an elegant yet structured handbag made with supple leather that also retains its shape in a contemporary environment.

Ellis Wilson's branding is minimal: we believe true style lies with the person wearing it, not the label on the item. Our handbags, with quality material and attention to detail, are not only a vessel of essentials but a true focal point for individual expression.

Classic and unique colors offer buyers a product unconstrained by season. In blending traditional tastes with present-day textures and colors, Ellis Wilson provides a clutch for any style.

It is our great pride that Ellis Wilson Designs is made in the United States. From the small beach town where our handbags are designed to New York City where they are made by hand, our product is an example of the idea that by supporting each other we can strengthen the fabric of our communities both locally and globally.