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Nantucket, for as long as I’ve been aware of the tiny island off the Massachusetts coast, has been near the top of my must-visit list. Seeing pictures of the perfect New England houses with manicured lawns lined with every color of hydrangea, the cute cobblestone streets that had been there since 1659, has filled me with awe and I was so happy to have the opportunity to finally visit. 

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A few of my girlfriends have been going to Nantucket for a couple weekends every summer for years. A group of some of my favorite people spending a long weekend in the perfect summer place? Sign me up.  If I’ve learned anything about travelling over the years it’s that it’s always wise to take advice from someone who knows the spot, and if you can travel with them and also love their company… it’s the perfect vacation.

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Starting with the cutest airport I’ve ever seen featuring a lounge on the tarmac, everything they had raved about was spot on. It was truly architectural perfection.  Seaside cottages to massive homes were all tastefully and thoughtfully designed and maintained. The weather was warm and breezy with just enough chill at night to wrap up in my favorite shawl.

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We began each day with the most amazing acai bowl I’ve ever had at Lemon Press.  We’d walk the streets and check out shops before grabbing sandwiches from Something Natural. Pro tip: only order half unless you’re looking for a sandwich the size of an entire loaf of bread. After the beach we would relax at the house before an amazing dinner at Via Mare at the Greydon House where we ordered a little bit of everything followed by cocktails at CRU. 

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The overall ease of the island allowed me to completely disconnect.  I welcomed the areas of no cell service like a true vacation disconnect, a spa with no phone to pull you into the real world.  Nantucket is truly another world that I wanted to soak in every second.  For anyone planning to visit I would recommend Mackenzie Horan’s guide to Nantucket. I had the pleasure of visiting for a long weekend and am by no means an ACK pro but in the short amount of time I was there I was immersed in the perfect island and cannot wait to go back.  

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