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You don’t start a handbag line without a sense of what’s going on in the world of fashion, and Ellis Wilson Designs is no different. While we all have a unique sense of style, fashion writ large is at least partially about seeing a trend happening and incorporating it into your own personal style. Reading this article from Harper’s Bazaar written by Kerry Pieri on the summer fashion trends for 2019, we were thrilled to see some overlap with what we have for sale at Ellis Wilson Designs.

Ellis Wilson Ellis Wilson Designs summer fashion trends 2019 leather handbag made in usa

Natural shoes are very on trend right now and that thrills us! Whether you want an earth tone to match your newest summer sandals or that fun accent piece that pops off the rest of your outfit, Ellis Wilson Designs has you covered. The Poppy pouch and Emmy envelope are both available for sale on our site in bone, champagne gold, silver, and black. If you’re going for a more formal night out look, the Emmy envelope is perfect for any occasion. If it’s a Sunday brunch you’re rolling out of bed for (it happens to the best of us lol), grab your Poppy pouch and strap on those cute new sandals that match perfectly!

Ellis Wilson Ellis Wilson Designs Summer Fashion Trends 2019 leather handbag summer style beachwear

We almost jumped out of our chair with excitement when we saw the beach bag was one of Harper’s summer style trends for 2019. While Harper’s focused on the versatility of the beach bag in New York City, we’re thinking about the beach! When you’re at the beach and you have your towel, book, some People Magazines, La Croix, sunscreen and every other item you might need, but then you want to run to the cabana club to grab a quick margarita. You don’t want to bring your whole bag! The Dolly bag was created with this exact dilemma in mind. With enough room for all your essentials, but with enough style that you can run up with confidence that you’re looking fierce af, the Dolly bag is the perfect summer beach tote. Plus it has the durability to withstand innumerable days at the beach and still look great. We’ve tested it firsthand in sunny Florida so that no matter where you are it’ll be the perfect bag.

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