Creating Our Style

Fashion doesn’t begin in a vacuum. Like any art form fashion is an evolution, a remembrance of what came before and a reforging with the future in mind. Our process for Ellis Wilson Designs was born of marrying the elements of classic style with modern designs and colors.

Silver leather Poppy handbag made in the USA for Ellis Wilson

We all know that every girl has her grab-and-go handbag. It’s a fashion accessory staple. When we designed the Poppy Bag we knew we wanted two things: to create a beautiful handbag and to live up to the requirements of the modern woman. The Poppy Bag is both of those things: the bright and fun colors will turn heads when you carry it, but it is a durable and flexible fashion accessory that can hold all of your essentials with ease. We knew as soon as we had our hands on it that the Poppy bag would be the bedrock foundation of our brand and we could not be more proud to offer it for sale on It is truly a wardrobe investment piece that will stand the test of time and the ever-changing world of modern style.

Ellis Wilson Designs is also about having that stellar statement piece and the Emmy envelope bag hits the mark with ease. We love the sharp lines matched with the supple leather, the elegance matched with the durability of a product made in the USA. This is the bag that we see with a cocktail dress or a ball gown, when you’re out for the night in your favorite new dress and want something that screams FUN. With enough space for your phone, wallet, and lipstick, and the sleek grab-and-go lines to hop in an uber to your next spot, the Emmy envelope bag is the perfect going out handbag for any event, date night, or girl’s night out.

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