Always Evolving

At the start of any venture it’s hard to quantify all the things you don’t know. Even with a solid background in business, working within the narrow scope of a specialized career path does little to prepare you for the intricacies of owning and running your own business. For us it started with an idea: we wanted to sell a great American-made product that reflected our personal style and could be a fashion staple for decades.

The process of developing that idea was a learning experience. We started by researching brands we identified with, watching how they marketed their products and seeing how their price points matched our desired range for our future bags. We then isolated a number of factories and settled on one that seemed to offer everything we needed.

But just as most people don’t marry the first boy they kiss, we came to see our needs falling outside of what our first factory could produce. It was eye-opening at the Accessorie Circuit to find so many options that could offer the exact same product at significantly reduced costs across the board.

After much deliberation (and some work with a calculator) we are thrilled to announce that Ellis Wilson Designs is offering the same great products at significantly reduced prices, made with pride in the USA. Making these products available to consumers at a more approachable price will lead to our ultimate goal: quality investment pieces in the hands of anyone who wants them.

Whether you’re building a wardrobe around an EWD statement piece or you’re looking for grab-and-go versatility for your gym session or coffee run, we want EWD to be the bag of choice for the modern woman. We believe these new prices will make our dream a reality and bring the bag of your dreams to you at a great price.

And for our loyal customers who bought at our original prices, check your email because we have a very special surprise for you that we know will not disappoint.

Matt and I are so thankful for everyone reading this and for everyone who has supported us so far. We’re hoping to create something truly special here and it wouldn’t be possible without you. From the bottom of our hearts: thank you!


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